Vacuum Helium Leak Tester SFJ-231

Features :

  1. The Helium Leak Tester is the perfect solution for detecting leaks, especially in demanding applications.
  2. This superior leak detector offers superior leak detection capabilities, with a minimum leak detection rate of 5*10-13 Pa.m3/s in Vacuum Mode.
  3. It is also capable of detecting different qualities of helium, such as 2, 3, and 4 (H2, He3, He4).
  4. This device can operate in temperatures from 0 to 40°C, and has a start time of less than 2 minutes and a response time of less than 1s.

Specifications :

Product Name Helium Leak Tester
Leak detection port DN25KF
Response Time(s) <1
User Interface 7inch Color Touch Screen
Detectable Quality 2, 3, 4 (H2, He3, He4)
Leak rate display Numbers, Bar Charts, Graphs
Diamension 645*678*965mm
Start Time (min) ≤2
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Sniffer Mode 5*10-9 Pa.m3/s
Mini Leak Detection Rate(Pa.m3/s)/Vaccum Mode 5*10-13 Pa.m3/s
Maximum Allowable Leak Detection Pressure 1500Pa
Ion Source 2pcs, Iridium coated yttrium oxide, automatic switching
I/O Input Output Interface 8 inputs, 8 outputs
Communication Interface RS232/485, USB*2
MES Interface Standard
Operating Temperature 0~40°C
Language Chinese/English

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