Vertical Flow Ultra-clean Workbench DRK-CJ-2FD

Features :

Using arbitrary positioning sliding door system.
The shell is made of coated steel plate, and the work surface is SUS304 brushed stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean (Model1D, 1G are 201 stainless steel, SUS304 can be customized).
The lighting and sterilization system are interlocked safely, and the UV disinfection timing function can be performed.
Digital display LCD control interface, three speeds: fast, middle and slow, more user-friendly design.
The vertical closed table top and the formation of a downflow air curtain in the operation room can effectively prevent the input of external air and keep the operation area clean enough.
Equipped with HEPA high efficiency air filter, with primary filter for preliminary filtration, which can effectively extend the service life of high efficiency filter.
Meet the safety requirements of various medical equipment.

Specifications :



Vertical Air Supply
Cleanliness 100 Grade@≥0.5μM(USA209E)
Number of colonies ≤0.5 Pcs/dish·hour(Φ90㎜Culture plate
Average Wind Speed 0.25~0.45m/s(Fast, medium and slow)
Noise ≤62dB(A)
Vibration half peak ≤0.5μM(x、y、z Direction)
Illuminance ≥300Lx
Power Supply AC Single Phase220V/50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 800W
Weight 160Kg
Working siz 1360×580×515
Dimensions 1515×645×1625
Applicable number Double/Single
High efficiency filter specification and quantity 1355×555×38×①
Specification and quantity of FL lamp/UV lamp 30W×①/30W×①

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