Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilization Pot DRK137

Features :

1. The working environment temperature of the sterilizer is 5~40℃, the relative humidity is ≤85%, the atmospheric pressure is 70~106KPa, and the altitude is ≤2000 meters.
2. The sterilizer is a permanent installation device and is permanently connected to the external power supply. A circuit breaker larger than the total power of the sterilizer power supply must be installed on the building.
3. The type, size and basic parameters of the sterilizer meet the requirements of the “Regulations for the Safety Technical Supervision of Stationary Pressure Vessels”.
4. The sterilizer is of quick-opening door type, equipped with safety interlocking device, and has screen graphics, text display and warning lights.
5. The pressure indicator of the sterilizer is analog, the dial scale is from 0 to 0.4MPa, and the pressure gauge reads zero when the atmospheric pressure is 70 to 106KPa.
6. The control system of the sterilizer is controlled by a microcomputer, with water level, time, temperature control, water cut, over temperature alarm and automatic power cut functions, and low water level has double protection.
7. The sterilizer adopts digital key operation, and the display is digital.
8. The sterilizer is marked with warnings, warnings and reminders in conspicuous places to inform the operator of the importance of mastering the essentials of operation and complying with safety precautions.
9. The maximum working pressure of the sterilizer is 0.142MPa, and the noise is less than 65dB (A weighting).
10. The sterilizer has reliable grounding protection and an obvious grounding mark (see Chapter 3).
11. The sterilizer is a lower exhaust steam type, with two exhaust methods: manual exhaust and automatic exhaust with solenoid valves. ([Standard configuration type] Without automatic exhaust steam mode)
12. The sterilizer sterilizes items with steam generated by water with a boiling point of 100°C.
13. The sterilizer is equipped with a temperature test connector (for temperature test), marked with the word “TT”, and is usually sealed with a cap.
14. The sterilizer is attached with a sterilization loading basket.
15. The protection level of the sterilizer is Class I, the pollution environment is Class 2, the overvoltage category is Class II, and the operating conditions: continuous operation.

Specifications :

Name: Specification
High pressure control: 0.05-0.25Mpa
Solid state relay: 40A
Power switch: TRN-32 (D)
Heating electric heating tube: 3.5kW
Safety valve: 0.142-0.165MPa
Pressure gauge: Class 1.6

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