Water Hardness Electrode LZ-WHE-A100

Features :

  • It is a combination Water Hardness Electrode.
  • No requirement of Filling Solutions.
  • No Membrane Replacements.
  • Built with in Dry Reference Electrode with long Lifetime.
  • Offers Ion Concentration Calibration.
  • Ion Strength Adjusters are used for the adjustment of pH.

Specifications :

Concentration Range 0.05 – 200 mmol/L
Slope 24 – 29 mV/decade
pH Range 2 ~ 11 pH
Temperature Range 5 ~50°C
Main Interferences Ba²⁺, Cd²⁺, Cu²⁺
Material Epoxy
Cable Length 1 m
Connector BNC
Dimensions 150 × 12(Ø) mm
Weight 70 g

Catalog : PDF


Labozon Scientific Inc.



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