Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WS1504

Features :

  • GB 11893-89 Water Quality – Determination of Total Phosphorus – Ammonium Molybdate Spectrophotometric Method is adopted.
  • The unique three-stage precision photoelectric metering device is used to realize fast and accurate reagent extraction and greatly reduce the impact of peristaltic pump tube aging;
  • Automatic electronically controlled safety gates are designed to take care of the safety of equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

Specifications :

Product Name Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WS1504
Measurement Method Potassium persulphat oxidation – ammonium molybdate spectrophotometric method
Measurement Error ≤±3%
Zero Drift ≤ ±5%
Measurement Range 0.05~50mg/L
Repeatability ≤ ±5%
Range Drift ≤±1%

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