Wayeal UV Detector HPLC

Features :

  • Imported light source: deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp imported from Germany;
  • Flow cell: The new flow cell design, optical path polishing and extremely low post­column dead volume design ensure that the column efficiency of the system is improved;
  • Dual-wavelength detection: 2 wavelengths can be detected at the same time;
  • Wavelength scanning: the absorption spectrum can be scanned in the entire range of the light source;
  • Liquid leakage detection: used to alarm when liquid leakage caused by misoperation, overpressure, etc.;
  • UV3100D, UV3200D dual lamp position design: the standard configuration meets the spectrum selection in the wavelength range of 188-900nm;

Specifications :

Wayeal UV Detector HPLC
Light Source deuterium lamp and tungsten lamp
Wavelength 188-900nm
Color White, Blue
Packing Wooden Case
Lamp position Double light

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