Wind Direction Sensor RK110-02

Features :

  1. Low starting threshold.
  2. Great dynamic characteristics.
  3. Overall carbon fiber material.
  4. Strong corrosion resistant ability.
  5. Light structure.
  6. Various output signals optional.
  7. Easy Installation.

Specifications :

Output 4-20mA 0-5V RS485
Supply Voltage 5V,12V-24V 5V,12V,24V 5V,12V-24V
Load Capacity <500Ω(typ 250Ω) >1kΩ  
Range 0~360°
Accuracy ±3°
Starting Threshold <0.5m/s
Limit wind speed 50m/s
Ingress Protection IP65
Operating Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Cable Grade Nominal voltage: 300V, Temperature grade: 80℃
Weight(unpacked) 195g
Dimension Turning Radius:147mm,Height:199mm
Main material Carbon fiber
Storage Condition 10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH

Catalog : PDF


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