XB Series Furnaces


XB SERIES SIDE SWING DOOR · BRICK INSULATION (23/26) Flex Muffle Furnaces · 1150ºC – 1260ºC

CHARACTERISTICSMetal case with chrome-phosphatizing base protection and external finish with heat-resistant metal paint. Easy loading drop down or side swing door closes hermetically, brick on brick. CONTROLS OPTIONSRAMP PROGRAMMERCONTROL: Allows for automatic temperature control and adjustment through an automatic digital adjusting pyrometer, such that temperature and temperature rise speed and inertia can be monitored at any time. BASIC ACCESSORIES Extraction Chimney: Self-extraction design to eliminate smoke in processes that produce smoke in a considerable amount or when smoke extraction is advisable due to the nature of the process. Chimney outlet connection to a smoke bell or to the exterior by end user. Forced air extraction chimney: Specially designed for a forced self-extraction to evacuate smoke fastat resistance in refractory insulation of very low thermal conductivity coefficient. Bottom trays: Interchangeable, temperature uniform, with rim to protect against spilling, fusion or adherence of materials.

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XB Muffle furnace Sheet Hobersal
XB Series Hobersal
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