Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Box DRK646

Features :

Humanized design
● Xenon lamp light source conforming to international standards, which simulates the full-spectrum sunlight more realistically and best, and the stable light source guarantees the test. Comparability and reproducibility of data.
● The unique design of the mirror reflection system makes the sample exposure area large and uniform, and can enhance the light irradiance and shorten the sample exposure time.
● The track type can slide out of the sample tray, which is convenient for placing a variety of samples. Special samples such as bottles, test tubes and petri dishes can be placed.
● The xenon lamp tube can be interchanged with the original imported from the United States. The lamp tube has a service life of up to 1500 hours, low operating cost and high cost performance.
● Imported PLC touch screen controller, simple interface and easy to operate.

Touch Screen Controller
● 9.7-inch touch screen, one-screen display of various data, menu-style operation interface, easy to understand, easy to observe and operate.
● Irradiance, blackboard temperature, rain cycle, etc. can be set and displayed intuitively.
● The touch screen can display all control parameters and automatically diagnose fault information; it has lamp attenuation prompts to ensure uniform, stable and reliable irradiance.
● Industry standards are built into the controller, which can be selected by users of different industry needs, and can also be customized according to user requirements. (10 segments can be preset).
● With data processing function, it provides strong guarantee for test process data and playback.
◆ The irradiance automatic monitoring and control system, and the UV test box without irradiance sensor detection has long been a history…
● Break through the defect that the irradiance of the existing domestic aging test box cannot be monitored and controlled, and reduce the irradiance attenuation and test errors caused by the aging of the lamp.

The Reliability of  Light Source
Supports 1800W high-power imported air-cooled xenon lamp tubes, each tube has a life of 2000 hours, and the equipment is equipped with a tube as standard
Direct setting and control of irradiance (340nm, 420nm or 300-400nm)
Original imported xenon lamp tube or domestic lamp tube is optional; key parts are interchangeable
Automatic monitoring and control of irradiance: Break through the defect that the irradiance of the existing domestic xenon lamp aging test box cannot be monitored and controlled, and reduce the irradiance attenuation and test errors caused by the aging of the lamp. It is monitored and automatically calibrated with an irradiometer, which can be traced to the center of national or international metrology institutions to ensure the accuracy and stability of irradiance.

Data Authenticity
Irradiance sensor
The test box is equipped with an irradiance sensor to detect and monitor the reproducibility, uniformity and attenuation of the xenon lamp, and can be automatically calibrated.
Blackboard thermometer.
The blackboard thermometer is used to measure the surface temperature of the sample, and its black coating can uniformly absorb 90%-95% of radiation within 2500nm. The layer has good aging resistance.
Moisture simulation.
Spray device.
The surface temperature of the material will drop suddenly as the rain changes, and the water spray can simulate the impact test of the rain environment.

● Coating industry: GB/T1865-2009; GB/T1189-91; ISO11341.
● Auto parts industry: SAEJ1885; SAEJ2412; SAEJ2527.
● Rubber and plastic industry: ISO4892-2; ASTM D2565; GB/T16422.2-1999.
● Textile industry: GB/T8427; AATCC16E; AATCC169(1); ISO 105B-06; ISO 105B-02.
● Material industry: ASTM G155; ASTM D6551.

Specifications :

Model DRK646
Total Exposure Area 1040cm2
Studio size (mm)W×D×H 320×320×320
External box size (mm) W×D×H 890×580×590
Sample Area (mm) 310×340
Temperature Range (blackboard temperature) 45℃~90℃
Temperature Fluctuation ≤ ±2℃
Ambient Temperature 10~30℃
Light Irradiance Can monitor the wavelength of 340nm, 420nm or 300~400nm wavelength automatic control (need to be equipped with an irradiometer)
Sprinkler System Don’t have
Lamp Cooling Method Air-cooled
Sample rack type Flat
Test Bench Load 10Kg
Power Supply 220V 50Hz


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