Xenon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Box DRK647

Features :

  1. The new-generation appearance design, the cabinet structure and the control technology have been greatly improved, the technical indicators are more stable, the operation is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.
  2. It is equipped with high-grade universal rollers for easy movement in the experiment.
  3. Easy to operate, display the set value and actual value.
  4. High reliability: the main accessories are selected from well-known professional manufacturers to ensure that the reliability of the whole machine is improved.

Specifications :

Specification Model

Device Model DRK647
Studio Size 760×500×500mm (width×depth×height)
Carton Size 1100×1100×1610mm (W×D×H)
Total Power 8.5KW

Main Performance Parameters

Temperature Range Room temperature +10℃~+80℃
Humidity Range 50%~95% R.H
Blackboard Temperature 65°C± 3°C
Turntable Speed Adjustable about 2r/min
Turntable Size 300*300mm
Sample Rack Rotate 360 ​​degrees
Distance Between Sample Holder and Lamp 230-300mm
Rain Time 1~9999min, continuous rainfall adjustable
Rain Cycle 1~240min, adjustable interval (off) rainfall
Water Spray Cycle (water spray time/non-water spray time) 18min/102min or 12min/48min
Xenon Lamp Source Air-cooled tube
Number of Xenon Lamps 2 pcs
Xenon Lamp Power 1.8KW
Illumination Time Setting Range 0~9999 hours 59 minutes interval (off) light adjustable
Heating Rate The average heating rate is 3℃/min
Cooling Rate The average cooling rate is 0.7℃~1℃/min;
Xenon Light Source/Irradiation Intensity
Wavelength: (290nm~800nm ​​should be 0.51W/㎡ at 340 detection point) UV 340 practice
It is equivalent to the irradiance range of 550W/㎡ for the full-spectrum approach
Full spectrum method adjustable irradiance range (400nm-1100nm wavelength) 350W/㎡-1120W/㎡
The filter is 0% below 255nm, and above 90% from 400 to 800nm. Quartz filter
Xenon lamp tube: American Q-LAB

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