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Features :

Simple and Compact

Select grains to measure.
Fill the hopper and start the test.


Analysing and displaying of the results takes 35 seconds (including emptying).


Reliable and repeatable results using a
one liter sample.

The Agri-TR is a moisture meter that can measure water
content, specific weight and grain temperature.

Measurement principle

The Agri-TR® uses universal capacitive measurement technology to determine the moisture content and specific weight
with automatic levelling of sensors (patented system).

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Specifications :

Main applications

Up to 64 different calibrations available, including cereals, oil seeds, pellets, etc.
Possible to develop new calibrations on request.


Measurement started by :
• Simply filling the hopper.
• Pressing the test button.
• Hopper automatically empties.
Full cycle in 35 seconds.
Adjustment of specific weight measurement by type of grain.
Possible to customize a header for the printout with the optional Aqua-Pro software.
Easy to transport, can be used in the field and powered from 12V vehicle battery (optional).


Specific adjustment to each type of grain.
Automatic compensation of measurement based on outside temperature and/or grain temperature.
Operating temperature: 2 to 45 °C.

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