Amylab FN

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Features :

Detects Sprout Damaged Loads Of Grain and Measures
The Alpha-Amylase Activity Of Flours

According to the Hagberg falling number Method.
According to the new faster Testogram method.

Operator safety

No boiling water.
No glassware.

Ease of use

Bottom removable test tube (easy and fast cleaning).
7” touchscreen.
No need for a cooling system.

The Amylab FN is the safest, fastest, and simplest solution for
detecting batches of sprouted grains.



An induction heating system replacing the hot water
bath: no boiling water and no evaporation.
Aluminum tube preventing cuts from broken glass
while improving food safety by eliminating the risk
of glass contamination in your products.

Time savings

Test tubes with removable bottoms, which allows
very easy cleaning that is 2 times faster than
with glass tubes. Analysis time is 66% faster on
average using the new Testogram method (results
are obtained in 90 seconds).

Ease of use

Ergonomic user interface on a 7-inch touchscreen
provides clear and readable results. No need to
connect the Amylab FN to a cooling system.
Plugs into a regular 110 or 220V outlet.

Precise results

No variation in the results because of the hot
water bath (variation in temperature and water level).

Economic benefits

Cost savings because the aluminum tubes are

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Specifications :

Poor climatic conditions can cause grains to sprout. Flour made from germinated grains has strong alpha-amylase activity. This can cause
significant defects such as sticky dough, bread that doesn’t rise, and a reddish crust in baked products.
The Amylab FN can measure alpha-amylase activity in only 90 seconds using
the Hagberg method and the new Testogram method.

Hagberg falling number

Measures the amount of time it takes for a stirrer to pass through, a starch sample formed
by the gelatinization of a liquid flour suspension under the effect of its own weight.
The Amylab FN applies the principles of the Hagberg method while using innovative technologies.
This guarantees that users will obtain the same results as with traditional instruments.

Testogram rapid testing method

Measures the viscosity of a gel made of flour and water that is agitated for 90 seconds
at a constant temperature of 100°C.
After obtaining this measurement, the Amylab FN accurately predicts the Hagberg falling number.
It is, on average, 66% faster than the Hagberg method.

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