Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2200

Features :

  1. Very low stray light and high detection sensitivity: Optimized 4th generation aberration Czerny-turner type optical path design with 10% stray light reduction.
  2. Highest flux: Fourth-generation total reflection dual-beam optical path system with improved optical mounting and coating processes, resulting in excellent optical performance with a 25% increase in luminous flux while improving optical path stability.
  3. Integrated design: Integrated flame atomizer and graphite furnace atomizer structure design for fast automatic switching of flame and graphite furnace atomizers.
  4. High adaptability: Can be equipped with imported graphite tube, imported nebulizer, imported elemental lamp, to meet higher testing requirements.
  5. Strong expansion: Flame-graphite furnace, multi-functional autosampler AS2200, can be equipped with MKS original imported flow controller, the flow control accuracy can achieve the full range of better than 1% accuracy.

Specifications :

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2200

Wavelength range(nm) 185-910
Wavelength indication error(mm) ±0.15
Wavelength repeatability(nm) ≤0.05
Broadband deviation(nm) ±0.01
Resolution(%) ≤15
Instantaneous noise(Abs) ±0.0015
Zero drift(Abs/30min) ±0.001
Boundary energy:instantaneous noise(Abs) ≤0.01
Detection limit(Flame:Cu ug/mL)) ≤0.002
Apparent atomization rate(%) ≥12

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