Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer LZ-BCA-A100

Features :

  • Halogen lamp as a light source with a wavelength of 340 to 810 nm.
  • Random access with direct reading system to assay 40 items.
  • Immunoturbidimetry, end point, kinetic, Fixed time, multi-standard, 1 to 2 reagent, reagent/serum blank method for testing.
  • Levy Jennings quality control program at three levels for ensuring best quality.
  • 60 sample positions to hold the sample of volume up to 1 to 100 µl.
  • 40 or 80 (optional) reagent positions to hold the reagent.
  • Multiple report printing format available.

Specifications :

Sample Volume 1 to 100 µl; 0.1 µl/step
Reagent position 40 or 80 (optional)
Reagent volume R1 1 to 400 µl, 1 µl / step
Reagent volume R2 1 to 400 µl, 1 µl / step
Throughput 1 Reagent 300 test/h (max)
Throughput 2 Reagent 240 test/h
Sample position 60
Assay items 40 assay items
Operation Random access
Reading system Direct reading system
Method Immunoturbidimetry, end point, kinetic, Multi-standard, Fixed time, 1-2 reagent, reagent/serum blank, etc.
Wavelength 340 to 810 nm
Light source Halogen lamp
Quality control Levy Jennings quality control programme at three levels
Printer Multiple report format

Catalog : PDF


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