Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability Tester GD-R2223

Features :

1. The software automatically records the change curve of conductivity, and judges the induced inflection point by calculating the second derivative of the curve.
2. After the test, the induced reaction time and the test process curve will be stored in the database for query.
3. In addition to measuring the induction reaction time, the software also allows to evaluate the so-called settling time, which is the time required for the conductivity to reach a certain value.
4. The software of automatic biodiesel oxidation stability tester can also re-evaluate each test curve. By setting the evaluation time range and selecting a section of the curve for evaluation, certain data abnormal sections caused by cleaning, samples or other reasons can be avoided.
5. The database can store all data related to the test, including conductivity curve, induction reaction time, method used, test start and end time, etc.
6. Test data can be queried by setting query conditions.
7. In addition, the software also has the function of multi-curve comparison and curve analysis.
8. The temperature and flow rate can be calibrated by the test software.
9. Each sample is controlled individually and can be automatically set according to requirements.

Specifications :

Model No. GD-R2223 Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability Tester
Applicable standards EN 14112, NB/SH/T0873, NB/SH/T0825, GB/T21121, ISO 6886, EN15751, EN16568
Flow range 8 ~ 12L/h
Flow accuracy ±10%
Test Range 0 ~ 800 μS/cm
Resolution 0.1μS/cm
Gas source Special diaphragm pump, 10L/H
Temperature control method Electrical heating rod
Working temperature 50 ~ 150℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Results processing Computer automatic measurement and storage
Working unit 4 tubes
Display mode Curve / digital two modes
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Total power 1100W
Dimensions 270*350*450mm
Net weight 20KG

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