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Bench Magnifier FM-BMR-A100


  •   Table Clamp allows users to set at the desired height and angle for the perfect view
  •   Equipped with a circular fluorescent lamp to provide illumination
  •   Light Source supplied with electronic ballast
  •   Magnification level 3X appears three times larger than the original
  •   Optics are large and high-quality for comfortable viewing
  •   Dioptre refers to refractive index and each dioptre increases magnification by 25%
  •   Lamp is suitable for wall attachment
  •   High-Image quality, minimal distortion, and adaptable illumination


Lens size 5inches
Diopter 3Diopter/5Diopter
Luminous flux 900Im
Color Temperature 6500K
Light Source T9 22W Circular fluorescent lamp
N.O./CTN (pcs) 4
Power 22W
Voltage 100V/ 120V/ 220-240V
Dimensions 52 × 26.2 × 15.5cm
Net Weight 12.5 kgs
Gross Weight 14.5 kgs

Catalogue: PDF


Fison Instruments Ltd

Fison Instruments Ltd


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