Binary Pump HPLC Chromatography LC3200

Features :

  • High pressure pump with electronic pulse suppression and solvent compression compensation, combined with a two-stage suspended power transmission mechanism to ensure high precision flow output and long service life.
  • Two optional gradient modes: binary high pressure and quaternary low pressure.
  • The column oven adopts air bath circulation mode to ensure constant temperature.

Specifications :

Gradient Quaternary low pressure
Flow Rate Range 0-11.0000mL/min
Flow Rate Setpoint Error ±0.2%
Flow Rate Repeatability ≤ 0.08% RSD
Gradient Stability < 0.5% RSD
Maximum Working Pressure 42MPa
In-line Degassing 4
Column Oven
Temperature Setting Range 4 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Temperature Stability ≤±0.02 ℃
Injection Volume 0.1-20.0uL
Sample Capacity 120 Vials
Injection Linearity r > 0.9999
Inlet Cross-contamination < 0.002%
Accuracy Error of Injection Volume ±0.2μL
Injection Volume Repeatability < 0.3% RSD
Injection Speed 15 s
Detector UV Detector

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