Capacitive Liquid Level Transmitter RKL-04

Features :

  • Convenient: install through thread or flange, easy to operate, good sealing performance.
  • It can be re calibrated externally.
  • Integrated structure.
  • Suitable for a variety of liquid level (object level) measurement.
  • The measurement blind area is small (≤10mm, the minimum can reach 5mm) with high precision.
  • Continuous measurement of liquid in various containers, especially oil level in oil tank; Will not affect the original system.

Specifications :

Item Technical specifications
Range 0-30…100…500…700m…3000…6000cm
Output 4-20mA( 2wires),4-20mA(4wires),RS485(4wires)
Supply Voltage 24VDC,220VAC
Accuracy 0.5%-1%
Resolution ±3mm or 0.1%FS(take the maximum value)
Display LCD with English
Control output(optional) Relay AC250V/8A or 30V/5A
Power consumption 4-wire,without relay:1.9W

4-wire,with relay:3.1W

2-wire,without relay:0.72W

Ingress Protection Probe:IP68,Display unit:IP66
Operating Temperature Probe:-40℃~ +85℃,Display unit:-20℃~ +60℃
Housing material Anti-aging corrosion resistant engineering plastics
Process connection Range=0-5m:M48*2

Range=0-10m:G2 or M60*2

Range=0-20m:G3 or M78*2

Range=0-30m:G3 M78*2


Menu setting Reference zero point, maximum of measuring range,minimum of measuring range,alarm point,Return difference setting,working mode,response time,parameter correction,communication setting etc.
Storage Condition 10℃-50℃@20%-90%RH

Catalog : PDF


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