Carbon Sulphur Analyzer LZ-CSA-A100

Features :

  • Used to calculate the mass percentage of sulfur and carbon in materials such as ceramics, magnets, coal, ore, cement, and catalyst.
  • Complete measurement range: 0.00001% to 99.99%; readily adjustable to meet client needs.
  • Infrared detection systems adopting infrared light which is high efficient and long service life.
  • 32-bit sampling that is highly precise and operates quickly.
  • USB data sharing technology enhances the speed of communication.
  • Platinum infrared light source: spectrally stable and efficient.
  • Sulfur and carbon analysis pool coated in gold, along with a high-precision pyroelectric infrared detector.
  • Extended lifespan specific aviation motor.
  • Support data sharing and networking management.
  • Control circuit for automatic detection of electromagnetic valves, lifting cylinders and high-frequency working conditions.
  • Alarm system for overflow and over time.
  • Inlet Gas Path System to check gas leakage automatically.
  • Furnace end auto-cleaning device for dust removal.
  • Low pressure heating furnace body structure.
  • Software analysis passage, carbon and sulfur can automatically add, delete and edit without limitations in number.
  • Sample management, user can edit names and marks of samples, and add and delete sample names.
  • Display function, curve box for carbon and sulfur.
  • Real monitoring of data and curves of carbon and sulfur during the process of analysis.
  • Results stored by ACCESS database.
  • Search function, users can search in terms of time, operators, sample names and marks.
  • Software with multiple functions curve/data storage, void removal, parametric settings, passage selection, mathematical statistics, result correction and curve comparison.
  • Two printing modes i.e, testing laboratory and detection station, and users can voluntarily design printing formats.
  • Self-Diagnostic Function: The software can realize airtightness of furnace end and gas chamber.
  • Fast, accurate and reliable full measuring range automatic analysis.

Specifications :

Measurement Range
Carbon 0.0001%-95.0000% (can be expanded to 99.9999
Sulfur 0.0001%-95.0000% (can be expanded to 99.9999%)
Analysis Time Adjustable within 25-60 s (Normally around 35s)
Sensitivity 0.1 ppm
Working Gas Oxygen, Purity > 99.5%
Analysis Error Meets ISO9556 (Carbon), ISO4935 (Sulfur), JJG395-97 standards
Working Temperature 10 ~ 30 °C
Humidity 0.75
Electronic Balance Weight the sample in variable amount accuracy of reading: 0.0001g
Oscillation Frequency 20 MHz
Combustion Power 2.5KVA—7.5KVA(auto-adjust)
Power Supply AC220V±5%, 50Hz±2%
Dimensions 1420 × 770 × 1100 mm
Weight 220 kg

Catalog : PDF


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