CBFI 30 Ton Per 24h Flake Ice Machine


CBFI BF30000 30 ton per 24h flake ice machine

20 ton flake ice making machine

Features of CBFI Flake Ice Machine

30 Tons Flake ice machine has a big capacity with a large contact surface and can be rapidly cooled food. it can be widely used in supermarket food preservation, fishery protection, food processing, concrete cooling, etc.
●  Daily Production:30 ton 24 hrs
1. International brand compressors. Original authentic, refurbished machines and counterfeit machines are rejected. The compressor has high working efficiency and is durable and not easily damaged.

2. Vertical evaporator, ice scraper with imported material. The inner wall of the evaporator and the ice scraper are extremely wear-resistant, avoiding problems such as poor ice scraping.
3. Fully automated ice production. Turn on the power and water source and turn on the equipment to continuously produce ice.
4. The operation is simple and convenient. Touch screen operation, operation keys are clearly marked, easy to learn, and very simple to use.
5. Small footprint. The 3D three-dimensional design fully optimizes the pipeline and component layout and reduces the land occupation.

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