CBFI 350kg Per 24h Tube Ice Machine


CBFI TV3.5 350kg per 24h tube ice machine

CBFI Tube Ice Machine:

CBFI® R&D TV3.5 mini tube ice machines to you as commercial ice making machines for bars, restaurants, café, hawker houses, convenience stores and etc.

● Daily Production:350kg 24 hrs

1. 3D design, convenient for container transportation, simple installation and maintenance.
2. The evaporator adopts stainless steel polyurethane foam insulation, and the pipeline adopts insulation treatment, which is more energy-saving and has a beautiful appearance.
3. The parts in contact with ice are made of food-grade high-quality 304 stainless steel to ensure ice safety and sanitation.
4. PLC intelligent control system, fully automated production, without manual operation.
5. Using automatic laser welding machine to weld, the welding spot is beautiful, no leakage is guaranteed, and the equipment failure rate is low.
6. The whole machine has passed CE certification, which has high security.
7. The special water system design ensures better ice quality, uniform thickness, transparency and purity.
8. Unique ice removal method, fast ice removal speed, less system impact, higher efficiency and safer.
9. It can be equipped with stainless steel spiral conveying ice storage hopper, manual or automatic packing system.



Machine Details


TV3.5 Tube Ice Machine Parameters
Name Unit Parameter
Tube Diameter mm Φ22 Φ28 Φ35
Bitzer Compressor Parameter Model 4EES-4
Cooling Capacity(kW) 11.38
Power(kW) 4.34
Condenser Heat Exchange(kW) 19.4
Condensing Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) 40
Evaporating Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) -10
Ambient Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) 25
Water Temperature Degree Celsius(℃) 21
Refrigerant R22
Voltage V/P/HZ 380/3/50
Motor Power Ice Cutting Motor(kW) 0.75
Recircling Pump(kW) 0.37
Cooling Tower Power(kW) 0.25
Cooling Pump Power 0.75
Water Cooling Machine Dimension L*W*H(mm) 1330*1050*1698

Quality Control

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