Peripheral Devices Egg Pack Sealing Machine E0S511

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Features :

Uses multi-point sealing technology


The packs are finely sealed, and "multi-point ultrasonic sealing technology" is used to create a micron-level gap between the sealing points. The sealing technology has been pursued in a way that the packs can be opened easily.

Various package availability


Packs with different material and thickness can be used with simple adjustments and without replacing the parts (except for some special packs). It operates as a conveyor when the sealing is not required.

Equipped with cycle stop function


Equipped with "cycle stop function", even when a stop signal is issued to the machine, the conveyor and rotor stops only after the pack has been sealed. This reduces defective packs that occur when the machine stops during sealing.


Specification  :

Code EOS511
Capacity(Max.) 4,944 packs/hour
Power capacity(Max.) 1-phase 100V 7.7A
Conveyor speed 20.6 m/min
Available pack 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, 10pcs, 12pcs plastic packs

Catalogue  : PDF

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Peripheral Devices Egg Pack Sealing Machine E0S511

Peripheral Devices Egg Pack Sealing Machine E0S511