CBFI Cold Front Quick Freezer


The ultra-low temperature quick freezer developed by CBFI is mainly used for rapid cooling and freezing of food, and can quickly lock food nutrients. and quality have a significant effect. Compared with conventional cold storage, our ultra-low temperature quick freezer has the characteristics of faster freezing, more energy saving and easy operation.
● The compressors and refrigeration accessories of the unit use well-known brands to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the unit

● The unit is equipped with a variety of protection devices to ensure safe use.

● The operating system of the unit adopts programmable and remote monitoring electronic control, with excellent performance, safety and reliability, and simple operation.

● The unit completes the system pipeline assembly and the installation and debugging of the electrical control circuit in the factory, and the installation on site is simple and convenient.
●The unit and the cabinet are integrated, with a compact structure and ultra-low noise.


Product Parameter

Freezing capacity 100KG/2H 200KG/2H 300KG/2H 500KG/2H 1000KG/2H
Refrigeration unit 6+ 10HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 10+ 15HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 17+25HP Emerson scroll cascade unit 15+25 HP Fujihao piston cascade unit 40+60 HP Fujihao screw cascade unit
Dimensions mm 2000*2020*2125 2800*2020*2225 4700*2020*2275, its
Medium cabinet
4400*2050*2100 7500*2050*2100
Air cooler DJ25 DJ50 DJ50*2 sets/DJ75*1 sets DJ60*2 sets DJ75*3 sets
Power KW 10 133 15 03 26 5 32 66 97
Refrigeration COP 1.57 1.075 1.0 1.19 0.79
Form One-piece One-piece One-piece Split Split

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