COD Sensor RK500-25

Features :

  • No reagent, no pollution, more economic and environmental protection.
  • Small size, more convenient installation, online water quality monitoring.
  • Automatic compensation for turbidity interference.
  • With cleaning brush, automatic cleaning, can prevent biological adhesion.
  • Small drift, fast response and more accurate measurement.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Maintenance free, long service life and low cost.
  • RS-485 interface, Modbus / RTU protocol.
  • Low power design, anti-interference design.
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Specifications :

Item Technical Specification
Measurement Principle Dual wavelength ultraviolet absorption method
Principle Frequency conversion method
Range Turbidity:range 0-100NTU
COD: 0-370mg / L equiv. KHP
Accuracy COD: ± 5% F.S
Turbidity:± 5% F.S
Resolution COD: 0.1mg/l
Supply 10-30VDC(power consumption<0.5W)
Response time <10s
Output Signal RS485
Operating Environment 0-+45℃(<0.4MPa)
Cable length 5m(default),customizable
Probe material Titanium alloy and 316L stainless steel
Ingress Protection IP68
Storage 10-60℃@20%-90%RH

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