Constant Temperature and Humidity Box Fabric Moisture Permeable Meter DRK255

Features :

It is mainly used to determine the moisture permeability of various fabrics, including moisture-permeable coated fabrics. Structural principle : Computer control is used to create a constant temperature and humidity test environment.
In the constant temperature and humidity test environment, 6 moisture-permeable cups are placed, and the sample is placed in the cup and sealed with a rubber gasket.
For the water seal, the moisture-permeable cup of the fabric sample is placed in a sealed environment with a specified temperature and humidity, and the moisture permeability is calculated according to the change in the mass of the moisture-permeable cup (including the sample and the moisture absorbent or water) within a certain period of time.

Specifications :

Temperature control range: -40℃~150℃; resolution; 0.1℃
Humidity control range: 50%RH~95%RH±5%
Speed ​​range: 2mm~60mm/min
Control accuracy: temperature≤0.1℃; humidity≤±1%RH
Circulating wind speed: 0.02~0.5m/s, 0.3~0.5m/s
Time control: 1~9999h
Permeable area: 2827㎜2 (diameter is 60㎜–national standard)
Number of breathable cups: 6 national standard;
Drying box control temperature: room temperature~199℃
Test time: 1~999h

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