Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS1301

Features :

  • The dust meter adopts the principle of in-situ laser backscattering, with high detection sensitivity and fast response speed.
  • Built-in self-calibration function, accurate measurement and good stability.
  • The condensation method is used to measure SO2 and NOX, avoiding inaccurate measurement due to SO2 absorption by condensate and the corrosion of the instrument by the formed sulphite.
  • With the functions of real-time on-site data transmission, remote fault diagnosis, statistical reports and graphical data analysis.

Specifications :

Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS1301
Size 930*730*2010mm
Weight 175KGS
Measure Method Differential Absorption Spectroscopy
Detecting Gas SO2 , NOX ,O2 ,CO, CO2 , HCL
Packing Wooden Case

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