Data Logger of Automatic Weather Station RK600-07B

Features :

  • Real-time display.
  • Multiple sensor interface.
  • Large storage.
  • Types of communication interface.
  • Udisk external storage optional.
  • Wireless optional.
  • Self-contained clock chip.
  • Solar power supply optional.
  • HMI app & Software.

Specifications :



LCD 7” color touch screen
Storage type Internal storage or external U_disk is optional
Internal storage 48M (If set to store every 1 hours can store data for more than 6 years;

If set to store every 10 minutes can store data for approx. 1 years;

If set to store every 1 minute can store data for 3 months)

Data interface RS232 or RS485(customized)
Communication mode Ethernet(add RS232 to ethernet converter);

GPRS(add RS232 to GPRS converter),data flow consumption: <100MB/month

WIFI(add RS232 to WIFI converter)

Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU(Open communication protocol, the user can convenient for

secondary development)

Supply 12VDC with 100-240VAC adapter, solar power supply system optional
Record interval 1min-240min adjustable
Measurement Parameters 32 Max.
Power consumption <5W
Operating temperature -40-+750 C
Internal protection Built-in power isolation protection
HMI processor ARM RISC 528MHz
HMI app &


Mobile phone or PC operation and Monitor(Remote download of historical


Data Rose Map and Trend Chart (RK600-07A) Customization according to customer product

Catalog : PDF


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