Data Logger of Automatic Weather Station RK600-08

Features :

  • Real-time display.
  • Multiple sensor interface.
  • Large storage.
  • Types of communication interface.
  • Udisk external storage optional.
  • Wireless optional.
  • Self-contained clock chip.
  • Solar power supply optional.
  • HMI phone app & PC Software.
  • Data cloud platform.
  • Custom display interface.
  • Relay and alarm output.

Specifications :

Item Details
LCD 4.3” color touch screen  
Storage type Internal storage or external U_disk is optional  
Internal storage 65000 pieces of data can be stored.  
Data interface RS232 or RS485(customized)  
Communication mode

(Select communication mode)

Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU(Open communication protocol, the user can convenient for secondary development)  
Supply 12VDC with 100-240VAC adapter, solar power supply system optional  
Record interval 1min-240min adjustable  
Measurement parameters 32 Max.  
Power consumption <4W  
Operating temperature -40-+75℃  
Internal protection Built-in power isolation protection  
HMI processor ARM RISC 528MHz  
Data cloud platform Upload data to cloud platform through GPRS module or WiFi module.  
Relay and alarm output Customized alarm and relay control output  

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