Double stage RO ultrapure Water System BK2WPS22-020R

Specifications :

Water Inlet Tap water: TDS<200 ppm (Extra pretreatment filter is recommended, if TDS>200 ppm)
Temperature 5-45°C
Pressure 1.0-4.0 Kgf/cm²
Flow Procedure** PF+KDF+AC+RO+RO+DI+TF
Bacteria <0.1 cfu/ml
Output(25°C)**** 15-20 L/hr
Pure water outlet 2nd stage RO and Ultrapure water
DimensionLxWxH 500×360×540 mm
Weight 25 kg
Standard configuration Main body (Including 1 set of cartridges)+ assorted tank (built-in tank+15 liters external tank)+ accessory bag
Power Consumption (W) 120 W
Power Supply AC110-220 V, 50/60 Hz
Note *The feed water quality will influence the pure water´s quality and cartridges´ life-span. ** PF:polypropylene spun fiber, KDF:kinetic degradation fluxion, AC:active carbon, RO:reverse osmosis, DI:ion exchange, UV:ultraviolet, UF:ultrafiltration, TF:terminal microfiltration. ***Value of number will be influenced by temperature and feed water quality. ****All the specifications are tested under the situation:feed water´s TDS=200ppm, 25°C, 50psi and 15% recovery rate.
Resistivity(25°C) 18.2 MΩ.cm
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1 ppb
TOC*** <10 ppb
Particle (>0.2µm) <1/ml
1st stage RO water’s TDS TDS (ppm,mg/l) < TDS of tap water x 5%
2nd stage RO water’s conductivity 1-5 µs/cm, Organic rejection rate>99% (when MW>200 Dalton), Particles and bacteria rejection rate>99%
Flow rate 2.0 L/min (with pressure tank)

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