Electronic Tensile Testing Machine DRK101SD

Features :

Imported photoelectric encoder is used for displacement measurement.
The controller adopts an embedded single-chip microcomputer structure with built-in powerful measurement and control software, which integrates measurement, control, calculation, and storage functions.
With automatic calculation of stress, elongation (extensometer required), tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, automatic statistical results; automatic recording of the maximum point, breaking point, designated point force or elongation; using a computer for testing Dynamic display of process and test curves, and data processing.
After the test, the graph processing module can be used to enlarge the curve for data re-analysis and editing, and the report can be printed.
The product performance has reached the international advanced level.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Specification Optional within 100N, 200N, 500N, 1KN, 2KN, 5KN, 10KN, 20KN, 50KN
Structure Type Door style
Load Measurement Range 1% of the maximum load — 100%
Load Measurement Accuracy ±1% of indicated value
Speed ​​Range (mm/min) 1—500mm/min (infinitely variable speed)
Speed ​​Accuracy ±0.2%
Displacement Measurement Resolution 0.01mm
Force Resolution 1/10000
Fixture A set of stretching attachments is standard, and other attachments are optional
Stretching Space (mm) 600
Dimensions (mm) 700×380×1650
Power (kW) 0.8
Weight (kg) 450

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