EMC Bottle Top Dispenser Eco Zero

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Features :

Fulfills all applicable standards and official demands

Quick, easy and precise volume adjustment with rocket switch

Turnable discharge tube for perfect air-purging mechanism – zer dead volume

Direct displacement piston

Cylinder out of borosilicate glass 3.3

Patented long life PTFE piston with PTFE coated o-ring

Single-hand operation

Flexible by using different bottle adapters4 adapters for all common bottles included

Completely autoclavable at 121°C

Certificate of performance with serial number

DE-M marked according to the German calibration law

The Eco zero allows liquid dispensing with no loss of reagent. Turning the discharge tube 90° lets you pump in a closed cycle. The reagent flows back into the bottle and the dispenser is free of air after 2 or 3 times pumping. This allows not only very precise dispensing and saving residual reagent but also volume correction if accidentally setting the wrong volume. Turning the discharge tube 180° lets all liquid flow back into the bottle and prevents dripping.

Specifications :

Article No.              Volume (ml)             Increment (ml)            Tolerances (ml)           CV (ml)              Thread size (GL)                    Adapter (GL)

EMC-2005407        0.25 – 2.5                  0.05                        ±0.012                 0.002                 32/33                          A25, A28, A45, S40

EMC-20054078      0.5 – 5                       0.10                         ±0.03                  0.005                 32/33                          A25, A28, A45, S40

EMC-20054079      1 – 10                         0.20                        ±0.06                  0.010                  32/33                         A25, A28, A45, S40

EMC-20054080     2.5 – 25                      0.50                         ±0.15                  0.025                  45                              A25, A28, A32, S40

EMC-20054081      5 – 50                        1.00                          ±0.3                   0.050                  45                              A25, A28, A32, S40

EMC-20054082     10 – 100                      2.00                          ±0.6                  0.100                   45                              A25, A28, A32, S40


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EMC Bottle Top Dispenser Eco Zero

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