Falling Dart Impact Tester DRK135

Features :

1.The machine model is novel, the operation design is considerate, and the national standards and international standards are compatible at the same time.
2.Test method A, B dual mode.
3.Test data The test process is intelligent, which greatly improves work efficiency.
4.The sample is pneumatically tightened and released, which reduces the experimental error and test time.
5.Data parameter system LCD display.

Specifications :

Project Parameter
Measurement Methods Method A, Method B (choose one of the two, can also be realized at the same time)
Test Range Method A: 50~2000g Method B: 300~2000g
Test Range Test Accuracy: 0.1g (0.1J)
Specimen Clamping electric
Specimen Size >150mm×150mm
Power Supply AC 220V±5% 50Hz
Net Weight About 65kg

Catalog : PDF


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