Flame Graphite Furnace Spectrophotometer AA2300

Features :

  1. The atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) is a powerful analytical instrument used to determine the concentration of metal elements in a sample.
  2. It is widely used in various fields such as soils, food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical analysis, water quality and etc.
  3. With its precise and reliable results, the AAS atomic absorption spectrophotometer has become an essential tool for scientists and researchers.
  4. The atomic absorption spectrophotometer is equipped with advanced technology and features that make it a highly efficient and accurate instrument.
  5. It uses the principle of atomic absorption spectroscopy to measure the absorption of light by the atoms in a sample.
  6. The amount of absorption is directly proportional to the concentration of the element being analyzed, providing precise and reliable results.

Specifications :

Flame Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2300
Product Name Flame Graphite Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AA2300
Spectral Bandwidth 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0nm
Background Correction D2 Background Correction
Weight 280kg
Lamp Position 8
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz
Data Storage USB, PC
Light Source Halogens, Deuterium, Tungsten
Injection Manual or Autosampler
Optical System
Wavelength Error ±0.15nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.05nm
Wavelength Range 185~910nm
Flame Atomizer
Detection Limit (LOD) Cu flame method: ≤0.002ug/mL
Repeatability RSD≤0.25%
Burning Head Full titanium
Atomizer High-efficiency glass, all-plastic, stainless steel
Graphite Furnace
Detection Limit Cd: ≤0.3pg
Repeatability RSD≤1.5%
Injection Position 108
Linearity >0.999
Injection Volume 1~200ul
Injection Volume Repeatability ≤0.1%
Repeatability of Result ≤1.5%
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