Helium Leak Testing Machine HLTM

Features :

  • The system integrates industrial IoT technology, and the detection process can realize intelligent production such as real-time storage, monitoring and diagnosis;
  • The helium purification system (optional) can be selected to further improve the utilization rate of helium and reduce the production and detection cost;
  • Customized upper computer software development services can be provided according to clients’ manufacturing and MES requirements.
  • The equipment is suitable for leak detection of automobile air conditioner, expansion valve, wheel hub, oil cooler, oil tank and water tank.

Specifications :

Helium Leak Testing Machine
Number of vacuum chammbers 1~6
Number of test pieces per chammber 1~6
Vacuum chamber volume 0.1-10000L, Accept Customized
Testing pressure ≤35Mpa
Detector leakge rate 1*10-4-1*10-9 Pa.m3/s
ecycling efficiency ≤98%
Vacuum chammber evacuation pressure ≤30Pa

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