HPLC Chromatography LC3000

Features :

  1. Mainstream split design;
  2. Split pump head with custom one-piece check valve;
  3. Dynamic compensation technology with reduced flow fluctuations to ensure flow accuracy and stability; (patented)
  4. Active flushing function of plunger rod;
  5. With wavelength scanning and dual wavelength detection function;
  6. High pressure pump with two-stage suspension floating drive technology, the use of drive suspension technology, combined with the import pump head of the suspension art plugs rod design, to extend the service life of the seal, reduce the user’s use costs.

Specifications :

Working Conditions

Working Power Supply 220V,50HZ
Ambient Temperature 10-40℃
Ambient Humidity 20-85% relative humidity(non-condensing)

System features

Qualitative Repeatability RSD≤0.5%
Quantitative Repeatability RSD≤1.0%

High Pressure Pump

Flow Rate Setting Range 0.0001-10.000mL/min
Setting Step 0.0001mL/min
Pressure Range 0~42MPa
Pressure Pulsation 0.1MPa(10MPa, C18, methanol 1mL/min)
Flow Rate Set Error ±0.25%
Flow Rate Set Stability RSD≤0.1%

Column Oven

Temperature Control Range 5~85°C
Power 125W
Temperature Setting Resolution 0.1°C
Preheat Built-in 1-way preheat module
Power Supply 220V±10%, 50Hz


Injection Volume Repeatability <0.5%RSD
Linearity >0.9999
Injected Volume Accuracy Error ±1%
Cross Contamination <0.002%
Number of Smaples 120(2*20,2ml)
Injection Volume 1-100ul


Baseline Noise ≤ 0.0037mV
Baseline Drift ≤ 0.0026mV/30min
Mini Detection Concentration ≤ 1×10-6 g/mL (national standard method, cholesterol/methanol),

≤ 1×10-9 g /mL (direct injection, glucose)

Evaporation Gas Flow Range (0 ~ 3) SLM
Atomization Temperature Range Room temperature ~ 90℃
Evaporation Temperature Range Room temperature~110℃
Detection Chamber Temperature Range Room temperature~60℃
Input Air Pressure (4 ~ 7) bar
Flow Rate Range of Mobile Phase (0.2 ~ 5) mL/min (methanol)

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