Ion Chromatography Analyzer IC6200

Features :

1. Eluent Bottle
Sealed receiver design. 2L thick-walled polypropylene eluent bottle; Double bottle design with additional deionized water for rinsing.

2. In-line Degasser
Teflon@AF tube is used to shorten the eluent change timeTwo channels for simultaneous in-line degassing of eluent and rinse liquids.

3. Precision PEEK Pump
Full PEEK pump head is resistant to acid, alkali and reversed-phase organic solvents.avoiding metal contamination.Two-stage suspension drive technology, extending the service life of the seal.Tandem dual plunger mode with electronic pulsation suppression technology provideshigh precision, low pulsation and low drift eluent;With high and low pressure protection function

4. Solvent Switching Device
AlI PEEK material allows for seamless switching between eluent and rinse fluids andonline replacement without stopping the pump;One-touch flushing” and “one-touch maintenance” function with software control.

Specifications :

Working power 220V, 50Hz
Qualitative repeatability ≤0.5%
Quantitative repeatability ≤0.5%
Pump System
Flow Rate (0.001~10.000) mL/min
Pressure resistance (0~35) MPa
Flow rate setting error <0.06%
Flow rate stability <0.06%
Pressure display accuracy 0.01Mpa
Pressure pulsation <0.5%
Conductivity Detector
Baseline noise ≤0.0002μS/cm
Baseline drift ≤0.001μS-cm-1/30min
Minimum detectable concentration (Cl) ≤0.0002ug/mL
Minimum detection concentration (Li) ≤0.00009ug/mL
Minimum detectable concentration (NO3-) ≤ 0.001μg/mL
Conductivity cell volume ≤ 0.6 μL
Conductivity detection range 0-15000μS/cm
Detector resolution 0.00238nS/cm
Conductivity cell temperature setting error ±0.01°C
Conductivity cell temperature display resolution 0.01 ℃
Column Oven
Temperature range Room temperature +5℃~85℃
Temperature control stability ≤0.1℃
Temperature setting error 0.05℃
Quantitative repeatability <0.5% RSD for full-loop sampling
Linearity >0.9995
Number of sample vials AS2800D, 48 Vials autosampler
Operating temperature 10-40°C
Injection volume 10uL — 4000uL
Single injection cycle About 20s
Sampling method Full-loop sampling
Eluent Generator
Flow rate range 0.001 to 3.000 ml/min
Eluent concentration range KOH, MSA-0.1~100.0mM
Concentration accuracy 0.1mM
Electrolyte original concentration 25% KOH/MSA
Electrolyte volume 1000mL
Maximum working pressure 21MPa (3000psi)
Gradient accuracy 1.5%

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