Kjeldahl Distillation Analyzer


Analysis range: 0.1-200mg N                                    Recovery rate: 99.5±0.5%

Distillation Time: 0-999s(set freely)                      Distillation rate: 4-6min/sample

Added volume of boric acid: 0-99mL                    Added volume of diluents:0-99mL

Added volume of alkali: 0-99mL                              Display: 6inch LCD

Weight of Sample:  Solid Sample ≤6g; Liquid Sample ≤16ml

Operating mode:   Automatic analysis/manual analysis

Over-temperature alarm system:  Provided 123℃

Formula management: Provided (10 groups of users conduct self-programming)

Operating voltage:  AC220V/50Hz                         Heating power:  2000W

Appearance and size:  420*430*700mm

Catalogue: PDF

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