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Level Data Logger PD-Mini

Features :

  • Measuring up to four different parameters.
  • Compact, waterthight housing, flood-proof and suitable for long-term use in the field.
  • Compensation of barometric fluctuations and temperature fluctuations as a standard.
  • Data retrieval locally or by means of data transmission (only PD-5).
  • Convenient back-check measuring by use of electric contact gauge without the need to dismantle the equipment.
  • Energy supply for up to 10 years of operating time or 2,000,000 measurements.
  • Universal range of application: level pipes, wells, open water or measurement at weir.
  • Variable cabel lenghts are possible.
  • System at a good value for money level.

Specifications :

Parameter water level up to 100 m;  temperature, -5°C to +70 °C.
Resolution 0.02 mbar, < 0,1 °C.
Memory 200’000 Measurements.
Interface USB-radio 433MHz.
Power supply D lithium cell batteries for 200.000 measurements or 10 years operation.
Measurement interval adjustable, 1 second to 99 days.
Assembly in level pipe 1″ to 6″ pipes; from 3″ with fall protection rings (optional).
Material stainless steel housing V4a.
Protection IP 68, peramanently flood-proof up to 1 m hydrostatic head.

Catalog : PDF


Sommer Messtechnik

Sommer Messtechnik


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