LightScout Quantum Meters

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Specifications :

The Field Scout Light Meters are accurate to ±5%. Cosine correction is accurate to ±3% at 45°, and ±7% at 80°.

Quantum Light Meters are calibrated to display PPFD. The meters display PPFD in the range 0-1999 µmol m-2 s-1.

The 3415FQF Quantum and Foot-Candle Meter measures both PAR light and light intensity as perceived by the human eye. The eye perceives light of approximately 560 nm most strongly, with perception half that at 500 and 600 nm.

The meters display values in the range 0-1999. This must be multiplied by 10 to obtain Foot-Candles, so the meter range is 0-19990 Foot-Candles. Since 1 Foot-Candle is equivalent to approximately 10.8 lux, multiplying the meter reading by 108.



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