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Features :

Produce durum semolinas representative of an industrial mill.

Select durum wheats, evaluate blends, estimate semolina yield and characterize semolina obtained.

Simulate the main stages of an industrial mill: breaking, sifting and reduction.

Representative Milling

The biochemical composition of the flours processed by the CD2 Mill is very close to that of industrial flours. The CD Mill simulates the main stages of an industrial mill: breaking, sifting and reduction.


Repeatable, reproducible and standardized method.

Selection of wheats, and assessment of blends to make.
Estimation of milling characteristics (extraction rate, wheat behavior during the milling process).
Characterization of the semolinas obtained.

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Specifications :


The CD2 test mill produces representative grist by simulating the
stages of an industrial mill:
1. Two-step breaking between 3 fixed grooved rollers.
2. Sifting via centrifugal sifter.
3. Reduction via two steps through 3 fixed smooth rollers.
4. Sifting via centrifugal sifter.


• The machine’s high endurance allows up to 30 milling tests per
day without overheating
• Fixed setup resulting in products of consistent quality, identical
across all CD2 mills.
• Sturdy build with rollers that are virtually non-wearing during
normal use, resulting in minimal maintenance.


Up to 30 milling operations per day withoutheating.


Fixed settings and roller sturdiness.

Reduced maintenance:

Rollers nearly indestructible under a normal use.

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