Mini Ultrasonic Weather Station 2 Parameters FT-WQX2

Features :

  • The wind monitor sensors are hidden at the top of instrument, compared with the one at down side and outside, it is more clean, specially in snow or raining circumstances. We use the continuous frequency conversion principle to measure the data. By the phase discrimination and phase demodulation principle to confirm the wind specifications. We got two patents for this sensor.
  • 2 parameters in 1 instrument.
  • No need to calibrate the instrument.
  • Advanced sensor technology, real-time measurement, no start-up wind speed.
  • Highly integrated, no moving parts, zero wear rate, maintenance-free.
  • ASA engineering plastic shell, it can protect the instrument from ultraviolet ray and other radiation.
  • The probe is designed with clip-type, so when transportation will not be loose.

Specifications :

Item Range Resolution Accuracy Principle
Wind Speed 0~60m/s 0.01m/s ±0.3m/s Ultrasonic
Wind Direction 0~360° ±2° Ultrasonic
Supply DC12V
Output RS485(RS232, Option)
Communication Modbus-RTU
Power <1W
Operation TEMP -40℃~85℃
IP Grade IP66
Material ASA engineering plastic
Net Weight 0.4kg
Packing Size 290*245*215mm
Option-1 GPS
Option-2 Electronic Compass
  1. Hidden sensor at top, patent no. ZL 2020 2 3215713.X.
  2. Continuous frequency conversion ultrasonic principle, patent no. ZL 2020 2 3215649.5.
  3. All parameters in 1, patent no. ZL 2020 2 3215649.5.
Certificate CE, RoHS, ISO900,    ISO14001

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