Natural Convection Microbial Incubator DRK658A

Features :

Mirror surface stainless steel liner is convenient for cleaning work in the studio.
Adopt natural convection circulation method, no noise, avoid sample volatilization during the test.
Electric heating film heating method, the heating temperature in the box is uniform, and the ventilation volume can be adjusted through the top ventilation and exhaust slide.
There is an observation window on the door of the box, which is convenient for observing the experiment process in the box.
Fuzzy PID controller, precise temperature control, small fluctuation, with timing function, the maximum time setting is 99 hours and 99 minutes.
Independent temperature limit alarm system, automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents. (Optional)
◆LCD multi-segment programmable controller (optional)
Microcomputer program controller, time and heating rate, heating and drying test at extremely fast speed.
15 segments and 30 steps programmable, each segment can be set from 1 to 99 hours and 99 minutes.
Multi-segment programmable control can simplify the complicated test process and truly realize automatic control and operation.
◆Safety function
l Independent temperature limit alarm system, and sound and light alarm to remind the operator to ensure safe operation without accidents. (Optional)
l High or low temperature and over-temperature alarm.
◆UV sterilization system (optional)
l The inside of the cabinet can be disinfected regularly, which can effectively kill the floating bacteria in the circulating air in the cabinet, thereby effectively preventing pollution during cell culture.

Specifications :

Model DRK658A
Voltage AC220V 50HZ
Temperature Control Range RT+5~65℃
Temperature Resolution/Fluctuation 0.1℃/±0.5℃
Working Temperature +5~35℃
Input Power 85W
Volume 10L
Liner size (mm) W×D×H 250×200×200
Dimensions (mm) W×D×H 460×300×330
Carrying Bracket (standard) 2 pieces

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