Portable Moisture Meter Wile 26

Specifications :

Products analyzed: Straw and fodder in bales or windrows.

Benefits: Bale density setting between 80 and 250 kg/m3.

Moisture: 13-83 %
+/- 0,5%

Temperature: 0 – 80°C
+/- 0.2%

Accessory: Temperature sensor (optional).

•Evaluate future fodder quality.
•Prevent fire hazards.


Optional probes:

– 50 cm long for measuring the moisture content of conventional forage bales
– cup-shaped for measuring the moisture content of the windrow placed in a bucket
– 1 meter thermometer for measuring the temperature of the bales

Bale density compensator (from 80 to <400 kg / m3) that adapts the humidity reading according to the ball settlement.

Catalogue : PDF



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