Quatuor 2

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Features :



• Centrifugal sieving.
• Brush to unstick particles on the sieve.


• Dedicated sieves per cereal are easy and
fast to replace.


• Get the results for 500 ml of grains in less
than 90 seconds.

The Quatuor II separates the grains into four fractions, using two centrifugal sieves and
1/ The grain sample is weighed in the hopper. It is then gradually emptied.
2/ The fine particles, empty grains, dust, soil, small grains, husks, are removed to the light
impurities tank using airflowand
• The remaining grains proceed to centrifugal sieves :
• Broken grains and small impurities pass through the first sieve which has small
perforations . This material is then weighed.
• The good grains pass through the second sieve which has larger perforations and
are weighed.
• Large impurities are processed at the end of the two sieves.

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Specifications :


• Airflow speed and rotation speed of the sieves are pre-set, based on the
type of grain to be cleaned.


• Settings can be customized to your needs for dedicated grain separation

Easy to use

• Scales are easy to read, and results can be transferred to a PC at the end
of the analysis.


• Can be integrated into the GESTAR control line upon receipt and shipping
of cereals.

Fast to use

• Insert the sample
• Launch the measurement
• The results are automatically displayed


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