UHPLC Chromatography Instruments LC3600

Features :

  • High-precision ultra-high-pressure infusion unit.
  • Low system diffusion volume and optimized flow path.
  • Needle-in-flow autosampler with ultra-low injection cycle time.
  • Extremely low cross-contamination.
  • Active preheat function, fast warming rate.

Specifications :


Work Power 220V, 50HZ
Ambient Temperature 10-~40°C
Relative Humidity 20-85%
System Indicators
Qualitative Repeatiblity RSD ≤0.1%
Quantitative Repeatability RSD ≤0.3%
High Pressure Constant Current Pump
Pump Drive Mode Linear Motor Pump
Gradient Mode Binary (4-way solvent)
Flow Setting Range 0.0001~2ml/min
Flow Setting Increment 0.001ml/min
Max Operating Pressure 150MPa
Flow Setting Error ±1.1%
Flow Stability ≤0.09% RSD
Gradient Stability ≤0.02% RSD
Column Oven
Temperature Setting Range 20~90°C
Temperature Stability ± 0.3°C/h
Error of Temperature Setting Value ± 0.5°C
Maximum Withstand Pressure 150MPa
Injection Volumn Range 0.1~10ul
Injection Volume Error ± 0.2ul (Injection Volume 10ul)
Injection Repeatability < 0.3% RSD
Linearity R≥0.999
Cross-contamination < 0.001%
Number of Smples 96 Vials  (2*48, 2ml)
Temperature Seting Range 4~40 °C
Temperature Stability ± 1°C
Sampling Speed 15s
Ultra-efficient DAD Detector
Baseline Noise ≤10-6 AU
Baseline Drift ≤0.9×10-3 AU/h
Minimum Test Concentration 2×10-9g/ml (naphthalene/methanol)
Wavelength Range 190~800nm
Wavelength Indication Error ≤ ±1nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤ ± 0.1nm
Linear 2.0 AU
Sampling Rate Up to 100Hz
Number of Arrays 1024
Light Source Deuterium (D2) Lamp

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