Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography Instrument LC3600

Features :

Infusion Pump
The super high-efficiency binary high-pressure pump is the core component of the super high-efficiency liquid phase. It uses ultra-high pressure linear motor pumps with a maximum pressure of 150MPa and a flow range of 0-2mL/min, covering the best use range of sub-two-micron chromatographic columns. The dynamic compression compensation of the ultra-efficient binary high-pressure pump adopts high-precision real-time pressure following technology to achieve the effect of “zero fluctuation” and brings extremely high flow stability. As a high-end liquid phase pump, the ultra-efficient binary high-pressure pump comes standard with four-way solvent switching, electric vent valve, six-way online degassing, and support for leak detection and other rich functions, enabling users to get rid of manual operation.
The ultra-efficient autosampler adopts ultra-high-pressure needle in the flow path non-destructive sampling technology, with a very low sampling cycle period. Since the injection needle is always flushed in the high-pressure flow path, it has extremely low cross-contamination. The refrigerated sample chamber can store biological samples and other easily deteriorating test materials.
Column Thermostat
The ultra-efficient column thermostat has an active preheating function, the heating rate is extremely fast, and the mobile phase can be fully preheated in the ultra-efficient and extremely short detection time, bringing excellent detection results.

Product Application

Food, medicine, environment, agriculture and scientific research.

Specifications :

Working Condition

Working Power 220V, 50Hz
Ambient temperature 10-40℃
Relative humidity 20-85%

System Indicators

Qualitative Accuracy RSD≤0.1%
Quantitative Repeatability RSD≤0.3%

High pressure constant current pump

Pump drive mode Linear motor pump
Gradient mode Binary (4-way solvent)
Flow Setting Range 0001-2.0000mL/min
Flow setting increment 0.001mL/min
Maximum operating pressure 150MPa
Flow setting value error ±1.1%
Flow stability ≤0.09% RSD
Gradient stability ≤0.2% RSD

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