Ultrasonic Wind Speed Sensor RK120-08

Features :

No limit to Start wind speed, 360 °operation, and measure wind speed, wind direction.
Work whole day, free from rain, snow, frost, weather.
High accuracy; stable.
Strong, resistant corrosion, installation and use without fear of damage.
Design is flexible, lightweight, portability, easily installation or undo.
Easily signal access, while provide both analog and digital signal.

Specifications :

Item Technical Specification
  Wind speed Wind direction
Range 0-60m/s 0-359°
Accuracy ±2% ±3°
Resolution 0.01m/s
Power Supply 12-24VDC(Heating must be 24VDC)
Power consumption <0.2W (Heating not activated); <48W (Heating activated)
Output Signal RS232/RS485(Modbus/NMEA-0183),4-20mA,SDI-12
Wind speed unit m/s, knots, mph, kph, ft/min
Ultrasonic output frequency 1Hz (default); 10Hz (optional)
Operating Temperature -50℃ – +70℃
Ingress Protection IP66
Heating power 40W max.
Dimension/ Weight(unpacked) Ф228*286mm/1.13kg
Main material Stainless steel + aluminum alloy

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