Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel GD-5453

Features :

The Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer is widely applied to determine the total sulfur content by ultraviolet fluorescence method.
Improve the ability of anti-jamming, to avoid complicated operation of titration pool and factors of instability which used Coulometry. So the sensitivity of the uvf sulfur analyzer is greatly improved.
The key components of the UVF Sulfur Analyzer adopts the imported components to protect the detector light leakage and steam leakage and makes the machine has a reliable guarantee.

Specifications :

  • GD-5453
  • GOLD
  • GD-5453
Standard configuration All-in-one Computer+GD-5453 Ultraviolet Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer+Liquid injector
Other optional parts Solid sample injector, gas sample injector
Sample types Solid, gas and liquid
Determination method Ultraviolet fluorescence method (S)
Sample injection quantity Solid:1-20mg; Liquid:5-20μL; Gas:1-5mL
Measuring range 5ppm~5000ppm (High concentration should be diluted, Low concentration gas sample is up to 0.1ppm)
Measuring accuracy Concentration  values (ppm) 0.2 5 50 100 5000
Inject Volume(µl) 20 10 10 10 10
RSD (%) 25 10 5 3 3
Temperature range Ambient to 1300℃
Temperature control precision ±1℃
Air supply requirements High purity argon: above 99.9%
High purity oxygen: above 99.9%
Power supply AC220V±22V,50Hz±0.5Hz,1500 W
Dimension Host: 305(W)*460(D)*400(H)mm

Temp controller: 550(W)*460(D)*400(H)mm

Net weight Host:20kg, Temp controller: 40kg

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