Valli Beater (pulp crusher) DRK504A

Features :

The DRK504A Valli beater (pulp shredder) is an international standard equipment for papermaking laboratories.
It is an indispensable equipment for studying the pulping and papermaking process.
The machine uses the mechanical force generated by the flying knife roll and the bed knife to convert various fiber slurries Carry out cutting, crushing, kneading, splitting, wetting and swelling and fiber thinning, and at the same time, the fiber produces cell wall displacement and deformation, and the rupture of the primary wall and the outer layer of the primary wall.

Specifications :

Volume: 23 liters
Slurry amount: 200g~700g absolutely dry pulp (tear into small pieces of 25mm×25mm)
Flying knife roller: diameter×length φ194MM×155MM
Rotation speed: (8.3±0.2) r/s; (500±10) r/min
Power supply: 750W/380V
Dimensions: 1240mm×650mm×1180mm
Packing size: 1405mm×790mm×1510mm
Water source status: gap or continuous water source is acceptable
Total weight: 230Kg

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