Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WMS1800s

Features :

  • A footprint of less than 2m2 , with flexible installation and the possibility of integral lifting.
  • Stainless steel outer layer, strong resistance to rain and rust.
  • Multi-level lightning protection device, ensuring the safety of the system power supply and communication.
  • Built-in intelligent temperature control system to automatically regulate the internal temperature.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and air back-blowing washing, ozone algae removal.
  • All-round smoke, flooding, temperature and humidity monitoring and alarm system.

Specifications :

Product Name Water Quality Monitoring Equipment WMS1800s Application Surface Water (river, Lake, Reservoir), Urban River
Size 2m² Monitoring Parameters PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity,
Packing Wooden Case Material Stainless Steel
High Light COD PH Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment,  PH COD Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment,  COD PH water quality analyzer

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